• Why We Do What We Do

    We have over a hundred years' worth of research and tools developed in ecology and evolutionary biology that have not been applied to cancer. Because cancer is, fundamentally, a disease of evolving cells, this opens up a host of exciting opportunities for solving the problems in the study and treatment of cancer.

    - Dr. Carlo Maley

    I'm excited to work with Dr. Maley because I believe that the current dogma on cancer treatment - that is, attempting to kill the maximum number of cancer cells without regard to the evolutionary pressures that it generates - is a futile and misguided aim. Decades of minimal progress against this disease is testament to this failed effort. I believe that Dr. Maley's research represents a fresh, innovative perspective on cancer that has been long overdue. I feel that an evolutionary-enlightened approach to treatment is key to finally turning this fatal illness into a manageable, controllable, and ultimately curable condition.

    - Alex May