• Why We Do What We Do

    We have over a hundred years' worth of research and tools developed in ecology and evolutionary biology that have not been applied to cancer. Because cancer is, fundamentally, a disease of evolving cells, this opens up a host of exciting opportunities for solving the problems in the study and treatment of cancer.

    - Dr. Carlo Maley

    I'm excited to work with Dr. Maley because I believe that the current dogma on cancer treatment - that is, attempting to kill the maximum number of cancer cells without regard to the evolutionary pressures that it generates - is a futile and misguided aim. Decades of minimal progress against this disease is testament to this failed effort. I believe that Dr. Maley's research represents a fresh, innovative perspective on cancer that has been long overdue. I feel that an evolutionary-enlightened approach to treatment is key to finally turning this fatal illness into a manageable, controllable, and ultimately curable condition.

    - Alex May


    Evolution is a continuous and a constant process. Cancer research and treatment has always been towards killing the cancer cells completely. But it only leads to a stronger selection of cancer phenotype. Understanding these evolutionary principles, cancer evolution can be delayed and treatments methods could be better. It is also important to make people understand this and try to make them more aware. text here.